In-House Team Vs Advertising Agency; Which Is Better For An Online D2C Brand  

One of the most important decisions for any Online D2C brand is whether to invest in an in-house marketing team or hire an advertising agency. Before delving into which is superior, it should be noted that marketing is a critical part of establishing a company’s name in the minds and hearts of consumers. 

What is Online D2C? 

D2C refers to Direct-to-consumer. In online D2C, the product reaches the consumer directly via digital channels without a middle distribution channel. This marketing strategy eliminates the need for intermediaries to sell their products. Here, brands can sell their products directly to consumers via digital platforms such as social media and websites. 

Coming back to where we started, let’s go deeper into the comparison and know a bit more about it.

In-House Team 

As the name suggests, in-house marketing depends on a marketing team that is maintained by an organization to market its own products or services to customers. In this case, the company employs marketing professionals to join the team and work together to advance the company to the next level. One should be aware that choosing an in-house team is not always the cheapest investment. These professionals are hired by the company, regardless of whether the company is having a good or a bad year.   

The pro benefit of choosing an in-house team is the accessibility, better understanding of product and dedication for their own product. However, there are other aspects which cannot be ignored too. In-house marketing consists of a small team and when compared with the advertising agency they lack in experience, expertise and resources.  

As we figured out what an in-house team is, let’s look at what is an advertising agency. 

Advertising Agency 

In literal terms, advertising agencies are mostly in charge of developing advertisements and executing paid marketing communications. It is to be noted that they are normally independent of any organisation. Advertising agencies are more aware of new techniques and have greater access to resources to keep up with them.  

Their main aim is to promote the products of their clients and for this, they have a team of experts who make it possible for businesses or organisations to easily and effectively reach their target audience.  

However, an advertising agency is also not free but is commonly much less expensive than in-house marketing. The cost factor totally depends on client’s company.

Advertising agency

Now, let’s decide which is better.  

Small businesses may be able to handle a marketing campaign on their own if they have a limited budget. Alternatively, if a small business is looking to grow and would like to expand, an agency might be the perfect solution for them. The bottom line is that nobody knows your company better than you, so it all boils down to what is best for it in the long run. 

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