Impact of AI on SEO: Evolution or Extinction? 

“SEO is just like a compass which helps you navigate through the digital landscape” 

There is no doubt that recently the artificial intelligence industry has gained widespread attention throughout the globe. If we talk more precisely then with the launch of ChatGPT artificial intelligence has truly become mainstream. But have you ever thought about the profound influence of artificial intelligence in marketing and how significantly it has impacted the SEO sector? 

Many people believe it has improved and favorably influenced SEO whereas many don’t agree with this notion. The question of “Will AI replace SEO” has perhaps, become more prevalent as AI writing aids have grown in popularity. 


Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Positive Impact of AI on SEO 

Keyword Research:

We all are aware of the fact that keyword research is the first and the most crucial part of SEO. AI tools can help gain insights into keyword potential, search volume, and competition.  


Voice search optimization:

You must have heard about Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant right? What are they? Yes, they are AI-powered voice assistants. AI comprehends and processes natural language queries, resulting in better optimization for voice search queries. 


Competitor Analysis:

With the use of an AI-powered competition analysis tool, one can easily evaluate their brand performance against competitors and discover their strengths, and gaps, and also gain valuable insights into their strategies.  


Negative Impact of AI on SEO 


Content creation

While content creation is one of the crucial parts of SEO but we should note that AI-generated content will give no output to the ranking part and the quality of the content will also not be up to mark. 


Lack of Human Touch:

AI tools predict results based on data analysis but it is limited in ability to think outside the box. This limitation directly impacts creativity and leads to a less engaging user experience. 



There are some limitations that can be encountered in using AI tools as they can sometimes present you with incorrect information as well. A good example of this is ChatGPT, where data is only available until September 2021.   


No matter how powerful artificial intelligence in marketing is and enhancing SEO to work more quickly in particular aspects but it is to be noted that humans are still very much needed for creativity and unconventional solutions.  

Artificial intelligence in marketing should be seen as a resource for learning and a partner for SEO rather than as a threat or a replacement. SEO marketers should learn the fundamentals and guiding principles of AI, as well as how it functions and impacts SEO, in order to get the most out of it. As far as the future of SEO is concerned, you don’t have to worry about it because robots will never be able to completely replace people as the primary mode of engagement. 


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