The Booming Landscape of Artificial Intelligence Industry

All of the major IT companies have jumped into the race to leave their marks on the quickly growing AI sector since they are aware of its explosive growth. From traditional to digital, there has been a significant paradigm shift, and the AI business has now been included. It has also emerged as one of the most significant digital advancements. Many businesses are quickly implementing artificial intelligence in marketing to boost operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Tech Giant and their AI Tools 

We are all aware that artificial intelligence has gained widespread attention ever since OpenAI launched an AI chatbot named ChatGPT. Following this Microsoft introduced an array of AI tools and integrated ChatGPT into its search engine Bing. Also, Microsoft incorporated Copilot into Microsoft Edge and users can click on the sidebar and can use AI-powered Copilot to summarize, rewrite, explain content and much more.  

If we talk about another tech giant that is Google, it is not behind and has launched its AI ChatBot named Bard which also has the capability of voice search. But that’s not it, Google has also introduced Duet AI, however, the functionalities are still not generally accessible to the general public. If we talk about the most interesting feature, then Google has given you a new buddy who can aid you with writing labelled as “Help me write”. Duet AI feature covers a range of generative AI tools for Google’s apps which includes writing assistance for Docs and Gmail, image generation for Slides, automatic meeting summaries for Meet, and many more. 

Snapchat Is No Behind In This AI Race 

Artificial Intelligence In Marketing

Yes, Snapchat AI has also created a buzz in the market. This Snapchat AI called “My AI” is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology but with additional safety enhancements and controls unique to Snapchat. My AI is currently accessible to all Snapchat users. Do you know that My AI can help you provide recommendations? It can help you suggest the ideal gift for your BFF’s birthday, and provide dining suggestions or may help you to lighten your mood during a chat.  

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing  

While major tech companies are spending money on AI, digital marketers are also making the most of this emerging field. Artificial Intelligence in marketing is increasingly becoming popular and they are using AI for more precise targeting.  

Do you know? 

According to Statista data, the market for artificial intelligence in marketing was estimated at 15.84 billion U.S. dollars. And the source projected that the value would increase to more than 107.5 billion by 2028. As per Statista’s recent data, more than 80% of industry experts include some type of AI technology in their online marketing activities. 

Enlisted Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing 

Artificial Intelligence In Marketing

Big Data Analysis

We are aware that digital marketing contains a lot of data. Additionally, manually analyzing those data is a tedious task. With the help of Artificial intelligence, you can quickly sort through all of that data, reduce it to the essentials, and analyze it.  


The advancement of AI’s natural language processing has allowed chatbots to understand a variety of words and phrases. Your customers can receive 24/7 real-time responses to their questions with the help of AI chatbots. 

AI Tools

Marketers seek a number of AI tools, including tools for website audits, keyword research, and analysis, as well as there are AI tools for social media that assist with account audits and provide insightful data that you may be aware about. 

No matter how much the AI industry is booming, the human brain and its creativity cannot be matched. Yes, but AI can be added as a helper which can skyrocket your productivity.  

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