Don’t Miss Out on these Points of Google Marketing Live 2023

The artificial intelligence sector is flourishing, and we’re not far from seeing AI usage everywhere. Google is up with an array of artificial intelligence tools. It did not limit itself to its AI chatbot Bard but have come up with so many AI tool that can make your life easier. As we have previously discussed that artificial intelligence in marketing is going to play a significant role. As per Statista’s recent data, more than 80% of industry experts include some type of AI technology in their online marketing activities.  

Surprisingly, the key elements of Google Marketing Live 2023 can be summed up in two letters: AI. Google’s goal is to incorporate artificial intelligence in marketing making it easier for marketers and merchants to develop customized product images, improve ad relevancy, and scale campaigns. Moreover, Google has even added that the intention of generative AI is to help everyone prosper and that Google AI will give a multiplier effect on marketing. 

So, let’s go through the highlights of Google Marketing Live 2023, a new AI-powered solution for incorporating artificial intelligence in marketing that will help your business achieve next-level success and profitability. 

Here are new AI generative features by Google Ads:

Artificial Intelligence in marketing

1. Performance Max Enhancement:

AI generative is coming to Performance Max to drive growth for your business. Can you imagine how simple it is? You just need to give Google AI the details of your website, and it will immediately begin learning about your brand to fill your campaign with text and other pertinent assets.  Moreover, they’re further enhancing the new customer acquisition goal and introducing a re-engagement goal for Performance Max campaigns to make it simpler to improve revenues from both new and existing customers. 

2. Search Generative Experience:

Now AI generative is coming to the search. Google is now taking more of the effort out of searching with new generative AI features in Search, enabling you to comprehend a subject more quickly, discover fresh perspectives and insights, and complete tasks more quickly. And do you know that the new Search Generative Experience (SGE) can be found in Search Labs? And in the coming months, Google will test out Search and Shopping advertising that is directly incorporated into AI-powered snapshot and conversational modes. 

3. Product Studio:

This innovative solution, incorporated into Merchant Centre Next, uses generative AI to help merchants create distinctive images of their products. This will help businesses to increase their product exposure on Google. By reading brief descriptions of desired scenarios using a text-to-image AI model, the Scene Generation function helps merchants create lifestyle product images from basic product photos, obviating the need for costly and time-consuming photoshoots. 

4. Merchant Center Next:

Google talked about enhancing Merchant Center Next. The process for setting up a product feed has been made simpler, which is one of the notable enhancements. Earlier retailers had to manually enter product information but in Merchant Centre Next, it can fill the product feed with data that can be derived from the merchant website. This auto-fill feature can be turned off by the merchant, this feature will speed up how quickly their products are displayed on Google.  

To summarize, artificial intelligence in marketing is seen as a huge opportunity for the future of marketing with ever greater results. With AI-powered solutions, we can drive results for all businesses representing an opportunity for marketing to become a true engine of business success. With this service, your marketing is amplified by Google’s artificial intelligence (AI). 

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